The iKNITiative

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  • Category: Pam Cysner
  • Description: The iKNITiative is a knitting club on campus that is dedicated to donating knitted goods to the community. The goal of the club is to spread the love of knitting to our peers while also spreading awareness of the needs of those at hospitals, homeless shelters, and refugees. The club also seeks to teach knitting to patients, elderly, and any other interested organizations. The club is definitely open to all forms of yarn crafts including crocheting, looming and weaving! We are passionate about giving back through needlecraft!
  • Website: theiknitiative132432
  • Keywords:
    • Knit
    • knitting
    • stitch
    • crochet
    • sew
    • community
    • service
    • health
    • elderly
    • senior
    • yarn
    • loom
    • weaving

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