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Welcome to the website of the UCLA student chapter of OSA/SPIE! This is the only optics club on campus with several missions in mind. We provide:

  • Host talks from researchers in the field of optics/photonics, providing research opportunities
  • Host infosessions from companies in the field of optics/photonics, providing job opportunities
  • Provide a meeting place for students with similar interests in optics/photonics to meet, providing networking opportunities

The OSA/SPIE Student Chapter was founded by Ali Fard, Ahmet Coskun, Peter DeVore and others, and has had substantial help from Keisuke Goda with the IEEE Photonics Society.


  • 06-09-2013: Winners of the first Most Active Officers Award

  • 02-02-2013: First Joint Event!

  • 12-28-2011: Uploaded photos from the Mixer

  • 10-22-2011: First Officers Meeting of the Year + First Quarterly Social Event Nov. 10

  • 05-21-2011: SCONeS tours Newport Corporation!

  • 05-21-2011: UCLA and UCR introduce the SoCal Optics Network of Students (SCONeS)

  • 02-27-2011: UCLA OSA/SPIE student chapter kick-off

  • 02-27-2011: Join OSA members for a Happy Hour!