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About the MEAT Club

The Meat Education and Appreciation Team (MEAT) is an undergraduate club with two main focuses: how to cook meat and how to be a conscientious meat eater. We learn and teach each other about cooking methods, types and cuts of meat, where to buy meat from, and the meat industry on the whole. We value diversity of thought, welcoming discussion on the detriments of the meat industry as well as meat alternatives. In the end we would like to promote the healthy use and appreciation of meat with an environmental view.

We are educating about how to prepare and cook meat, as well as giving students an opportunity to be teachers. We will also be fostering cultural exchange by discussing culinary techniques from different regions of the world. Most undergraduates, by living in the dorms, do not know how to cook, and do not know how to shop. By participating in our club, members will significantly enrich their meat knowledge - that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Our group formed in October of 2011. We have maintained a relatively small member base to develop a strong and active club. We have a number of amazing events planned for this year, which you can check out on our events page. Whether you are a serious culinary carnivore or a complete meat n00b, the MEAT club is right for you!

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the MEAT club, send us an email at uclameat@gmail.com containing:

Subject: "Interested in Joining"
Body: Full Name

We'll give you information on our upcoming meetings. All perspective members must fill out an application to join. The PDF can be found below. Anual membership fee is $30.


President: Kang Lee

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