General Bruin Plaza Policies:

Bruin Plaza may be reserved by any registered campus organization through the office of Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE).  The Bruin Plaza Event Calendar can be found at

There are time restrictions for the use of amplified sound in Bruin Plaza.  Amplified sound is available between 12noon - 1pm in Bruin Plaza.  There is no amplified sound Bruin Plaza during the tenth week and finals week.

Use of the area itself is free, but there may be fees for equipment and set up.

Registered campus organizations can reserve up to two non-consecutive days each quarter. To reserve two or more consecutive dates, at least three registered student organizations must co-program and organize the event(s) taking place in Bruin Plaza. A maximum of three dates in a week can be reserved for any program cosponsored by three or more organizations.

As with any programming area on campus, your organization must meet with your SOLE Advisor regarding your event and a completed Events On-Line (EOL) Application must be submitted at least 10 (ten) days prior to your event to be approved by your SOLE Advisor.

These are general policies regarding the use of the Bruin Plaza.  When you receive your EOL, you will be notified of other policy requirements specific to your event.


Speak with you SOLE advisor when planning events in Bruin Plaza.

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