Our Coordinators
Name: Role in AWiSE: Years in Leadership: Graduate Program:
Wenting Tsai Event Coodinator 2015-present Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Wendy Herbst Internal Outreach 2015-present Neuroscience IDP
Elaine Qian Event Coordinator 2016-present Bioengineering
Grace Hancock Fundraising Coordinator 2016-present Molecular Biology Institute
Madeline Gelb External Outreach 2016-present Chemistry and Biochemistry
Macrina Cooper-White Social Event Coordinator 2016-present Psychology
Stephanie Njau Internal Outreach Coordinator 2018-present Neuroscience IDP
Rebecca Walker Internal Outreach Coordinator 2018-present Bioinformatics

Previous Coordinators
Name: Program: Years in Leadership:
Jennifer Tribble Fundraising Coordinator 2015-2018
Alexander Sercel Molecular Biology Institute 2016-2018
Katrina Wilson Chemistry and Biochemistry 2016-2017
Kendra Nyberg Bioengineering 2015-2017
Martina DeSalvo Neuroscience IDP 2012-2016
Kate Fehlhaber Neuroscience IDP 2013-2016
Kathleen Wang Neuroscience IDP 2015-2016
Julia Chin Cellular and Molecular Pathology 2015-2016
Mariana Fontes Biological Chemistry 2012-2015
Christina Vorvis Systems Biomedicine 2013-2014
Anni Zhao Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 2012-2013
DeAnna Steiger Cardiovascular Research Labs 2012-2013