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105 Kerckhoff Hall
Contact: (310) 825.7041

The Main Office advises over 900 campus organizations. Services include registration of new and continuing organizations, programming assistance, organization development, fundraising approval and guidelines, funding proposal consultation, and advisement on rules and regulations. The Main Office also approves time, place, and manner for the campus activities of registered organizations.

Bruin Leaders Project
105 Kerckhoff Hall
Contact: Mike Cohn; (310) 206.8821
Bruin Leaders Office (310) 06.5071


The Bruin Leaders Project is a hands-on seminar-based program in which students are challenged to develop their strengths as leaders. The project is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. This model along with the consideration of other leadership models will challenge student participants to enhance their leadership skills. The goal is to train students to pursue leadership opportunities at UCLA and in the broader community.

Program Activities Board (PAB)
105 Kerckhoff Hall Contact: Melissa Veluz-Abraham (310) 825.7406

The Program Activities Board (PAB) provides student representation and participation in the administration and apportionment of Registration Fees for student programming. The Board has three distinct functions: 1) To allocate funds designated for student programming. 2) To evaluate and regulate this programming in cooperation with the University Administration. 3) To provide a forum for soliciting student views on Board allocations and funding priorities. The representatives are appointed from both the Graduate Students Association (GSA) and the Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC) with one Student Affairs administrative appointee.